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Water Treatment & Supply

  • Modular & compact high rate water treatment plants to provide drinking water for small / medium sized communities.  

  • Site built water improvement plants, including intake works, treatment plant, transmission & distribution lines.

  • All anciliary sub systems for water improvement such as pumping stations, booster stations, water storage reservoirs, pipeline works, distribution works, house connections, etc.

  • Seawater & brackish water desalination system for municipal, agriculture & industrial water use.
    High recovery membrane systems & systems for concentrate disposal.

  • Water treatment solutions for industries including DM, RO, Ion Exchange, & Filtration.

  • Aquifer Storage & Recover Systems.

Water supply projects sub systems encompass:

  • Intake Works

  • Pumping Stations

  • Booster Stations

  • Transmission Lines

  • Distribution Lines

  • House Connections

  • Portable Water Storage & Reservoirs

  • Water Filling Stations

  • Telemetry

  • SCADA Systems

Complete projects can be implemented on design-build or BOT basis with financing.
Or we can supply individual components, equipment, etc., specific to project needs.


Water treatment solutions would include conventional & innovative treatment solutions such as: 

  • Intake Works

  • Screening

  • Clarifiers / Clari Flocculators / Solids Contacts Clarifier

  • Aeration & Iron Removal Systems

  • Arsenic Removal

  • Turbidity Removal

  • Lamella Clarifiers

  • Gravity Filtration

  • Pressure Filtration

  • Tube Settlers

  • Chlorination

  • Disinfection Systems

  • Package Water Treatment Plants

  • Compact & Modular Treatment Systems

  • Ozone Systems

  • UV Systems

  • Chemical Dosing Systems (Alum, PAC, Other)

  • Color & Organics Removal Systems

  • Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration Systems​



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