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JMSI, in its 30 year industry experience, has been pivotal, along with its EPC partner, in marketing, developing & implementing 200+ projects in 35+ countries to date.
Here's a sampling of our work: 
Turnkey/EPC Company


Some noteworthy projects acquired for UEM Group, its turnkey partner, where JMSI participated in development & implementation is as follows:

  • Mediated dual fuel genset contract for MAN Engines (Germany) for supply of 48 MGD STP Anaerobic Sludge Disgesters at Nilothi (North Western New Delhi), India.


Consulting / U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
In association with J M Smith Consulting Engineers, Ohio, USA.


Commenced at U.S. EPA's Test & Evaluation Facility (T&E) on the grounds of Cincinnati, Ohio's Mill Creek wastewater treatment plant, by participating in R&D of many innovative, alternate Water Treatment Technologies.


PETKUS Technologie GmbH 

JMSI was instrumental in successful launch of this German Company's 4th Generation Sludge Dewatering Technology in North America (starting with first sales order in Illinois) by providing a market development strategy, including establishing sales reps & generating initial project deals. 
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