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Project Financing

Our financing solutions enable clients to reap savings (if project is renewable bioenergy related) & faciliate repayment of loan essentially out of said savings.

JMSI & its funding partners can provide competitively priced financing to creditworthy foreign buyers of U.S. manufactured equipment & services for which JMSI shall be the “Exporter” & “Project Implementer”.
We have been instrumental in facilitating financing from EXIM for a water improvement project in Ghana. And, in structuring private equity financing for a renewable bioenergy project in Guatemala, which secured client company close to 2 million dollars worth of fossil fuel savings.






  • Minimum $250,000. Maximum depends on financial strength of borrower or guarantor.

  • Loan amount is generally 85% of contract price, plus risk fee charged by EXIM or other ECA.
    Risk fee can be capitalized as part of loan. Certain banking & legal fees may be included. Financing may be available for locally-procured materials in borrower’s country. Services & other expenses such as VAT & customs clearance for up to 30% of U.S. export value can be also financed. Balance 15% can be financed outside of EXIM offering.

  • Loan Drawdown Period: Flexible, depending on equipment sale or project itself. Often mirrors project construction schedule.

  • Loan Repayment Term: 2 to 18 years depending on transaction size & type. 18 applicable to only water, sanitation & renewable energy projects. Will be less tenor for other category projects.

  • First Payment Date:  6 months after shipment of equipment or completion of installation. Grace period = For project to mirror implementation schedule plus 6 months.

  • Competitively priced variable & fixed interest rates available.

Financing allows foreign buyer to leverage their capital by tapping into low cost financing options offered by U.S. Government through EXIM or other ECA.
Rate of financing is very competitive & mostly much lower than financing costs in foreign buyer's country offered through commercial banks
For further information,  please contact JMSI.


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